Liam is a great physiotherapist, I damaged my ankle and couldnt walk for two months with out a support boot and even crutches at the beginning. After my first session Liam he had me taking a few steps, which had not been possible since before my accident. But within 5weeks Liam had me back at the gym training with weights, and wearing heels again, these were both big deals for me as im a model and need to stay in shape for work, so getting back on my feet as soon as possible was a major for me. By the time Liam had fixed my ankle the nhs was ringing to book my first appointment, if i had waited for them staying in the support boot, it would have done more damage to my ankle. I am forever grateful for all Liam’s help, his such a friendly and knowledgeable physiotherapist, would more than recommend to any of my friends and family, definitely worth the money !